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The CH.Timez Company was initially established on March 10th 2012.Its office is situated in verona city (ITALY).The company's proprietor Mr.Robert started his advertisement business in a small office and purchased advertisement of 10 Minutes from 4 channels and sold it to 4 companies and he earn a profit of 50,000/- Dollars. Later on Mr.Robert began to purchase ad.time from maximum number of channels but there was numerous companies and Mr.Robert had lesser money. So Mr.Robert associated different investors with him and purchased 6 channels time more.In this way Mr.Robert and his team proceeded towards success and in 2015 purchased The Advertisement Time from 20 channels.

Day by day the number of companies kept increasing and their products as well.Mr.Robert's advertisement works also improved works also improved in number of channels also.

Ch.Company Badly need the purchase of advertisement time of various companies.

Mr.Robert had to obtain the support of MLM (Multi Level Marketing) for purchasing advertisement time from many channels.So a high class software engineers team.The company and the software engineers team prepared team the MLM software with untiring effects in 14 months.

The world is rapidly becoming "ON-Line".According to Bill Gate the people of this age are not "On-Line" they will be backward and the poor and those people who will be "On-Line" they will be among the richest by 2020.

The company long with his team introduced the advertisement system joined with MLM system throughout the world. The people all over the world liked the time very much and started purchasing it.In order to associated with the company you will have to purchase the advertisement Time.

Procedure of CH.Timez company for distributing profits

The advertisement time purchased by the company is sold to various companies under the advertisement.The capital is used for repurchasing the advertisement time.
The 70% profit is distribute among the users and 30% is retained the company.


If you purchased company's advertisement time and work with for 5 days. You will be entitled for five days profit. Even if you do not understand the system you may receive back your invested money with in 5 days. 20% deduction will be made on account of company's services and payment transaction and the balance amount will be returned to you within 5 days.

The company is carrying on the advertisement work and the binary plan side by side so that maximum number of persons may be successful.In 2017 in those countries where the company will start its business the people there will be among the richest people of the world.

Let us work together for the mission of the company for the success.
Profit and loss will be equally shared by the users and the company.